Welcome to another exciting edition of Newsbytes, where I curate some of the quick pieces of arcade news to showcase for this weekend. Let’s get to it!
Xeno Crisis For The Neo Geo MVS
While NG:Dev Team’s Kraut Buster has grabbed plenty of NeoGeo MVS headlines lately, it’s not alone in fighting to keep the ol’ system alive with brand new content. Enter Bitmap Bureau and their title Xeno Crisis. A quick summary:
Xeno Crisis is an arena shooter in which up to two players take control of battle-hardened marines embarking on a deadly mission to confront an alien menace and get home alive! Run and gun your way through thousands of adversaries as you explore the research outpost, searching for survivors, and ultimately confronting the origin of the outpost’s demise.
First developed for classic Sega hardware like the Genesis, the team has designed it for other platforms to spread the love around the retro community. Fortunately for owners of the MVS, it’s included on the list (the Genesis and the MVS both used the Motorola 68000 CPU, so that makes some of the porting process easier). If you don’t have an MVS, but just so happen to have an AES, Genesis, or Dreamcast, then you are in luck; the game can be ordered here with the carts going to ship “Q2 2019.” Here’s the trailer to enjoy:

Aziz! Pinball Goes MXR
Ever since we saw RGB LED lighting and HD screens hit pinball (around 2012), I’ve been stating in occasional posts about pinball that projection mapping or other augmented reality tech would be the way to go with product. Granted, the use of such tech in a commercial pinball machine is a challenge, not just from a cost perspective, but technical one too (pinball needs glass, so projecting onto the playfield like this would cause