If you’ve grown up in the past 50 years in the US, then there is a good chance that you’ve owned a Nerf gun or two (I’m not sure how popular it is outside of the US). If that wasn’t your thing, then chances are that at least you know about it. These days, there are a few Nerf Arenas where kids can go and battle it out with Nerf guns and the darts for a set amount of time; my son did this for his recent birthday party. The brand has taken a crack at video games a few times over the years, the first of which was Nerf Arena Blast back in 1999 (I have that collecting dust somewhere).
Now thanks to Raw Thrills, the brand is headed to arcades with the simply titled NERF Arcade. We saw a hint of it on Saturday when an image of the cabinet on location test surfaced, and today we have a better idea of what this game entails thanks to a press release issued by Raw Thrills.
The Cabinet
Let’s start with the cabinet and go from there. By first glace, you’ll notice that the control & seat portion is a variation of the Space Invaders Frenzy setup, which in itself evolved from Jurassic Park Arcade’s design. This means the Thrill-D sound system in the seats, and mounted guns at your fingertips. One major difference from SIF is the screen; gone is the 8′ LED billboard and in it’s place is a 65″ HDTV. You’ll also notice that the Raw Thrills logo is a bit more subdued here, as compared to the location test version.

I am a little surprised that they are still using the Jurassic Park gun shells though; seems like they could use something more akin to an actual Nerf gun.