It’s not often that we would gush over something to do with a modern console, especially one as modern as Nintendo’s 2017 Switch console/handheld, but it’s undeniable that nostalgia is still alive and well in the modding community of modern consoles.
So, we were pleased to find that the wonderful Matt Makes has created different versions of the Nintendo Switch based on Nintendo’s history of home consoles, from the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983 right up to 2012’s Wii U.
The interesting thing about these is that rather than going with decals or additional graphics, he has opted to (in his own words) ‘keep to colourising the parts that were available’. The end result is more subtle but instantly recognisable for fans, hitting that sweet spot in between unique aesthetic and giving a little nod to those in the know.
Let’s have a look at a few:
Nintendo Entertainment System

This design is pretty good, taking into the original distinctive black, red and grey colour palette of the original console, but with a few extra buttons. This one would be especially great to own given the fact that you can get the Nintendo Switch Online NES games to play on it. Nostalgic 80s retro bliss at its finest.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Ah, this definitely takes us back. In fact, this is my personal favourite console of all time for various reasons. The colours of this particular one are absolutely perfect, placing it as a decent homage to the console without being a straightforward copy. Now, we just need the games back on the console, Nintendo.
Nintendo 64

It’s a bit more subtle, but there are some fantastic elements to this one. Really though, our favourite part has got to be the yellow right analog stick, which is calling back to the original C-Stick. Add the “A” and “B”