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And the November Giveaway Winners are…drumroll…

Pin Stadium Lights ($300) – Damon White
Orion’s Belt ($260) – Brian Blonder
Gallery Stretched Canvas from Pinball Photos ($185) – Andrew Goren
Comet Pinball Gift Card ($50) – Matthew Forslund
Titan Universal Silicone Ring Kit in Your Choice of Color ($40.50) – Jared Burke
Mezel Mods Gift Card ($20) – Ed Owens
Pinball Life: Pin Gulp ($11.95) – Myles Edwards
Jersey Jack Pinball: Dialed In! Translite autographed by Jersey Jack Guarnieri – Eddie Herrmann
Stern Pinball: Deadpool Translite autographed by designer George Gomez – Rob Pannell
Spooky Pinball Shirt – Shane Russell
This Week in Pinball: Lapel Pin – Ezra Schott
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