It’s been a fairly quiet February although between this and one other new game story that I’m working on, perhaps it’ll go out with a bang.
We’ve detailed what the exA-Arcadia system is plenty of times on the blog so I won’t rehearse all that; You can click here if it sounds new to you. Either way, with today’s news, this system now has 15 games available to install into a coin-operated, exA-powered game cabinet. This one is certainly the most unique – and funny – of the bunch to date.
The latest exA release is one of it’s quirkiest, which you can tell just by the name: Nippon Marathon Turbo Hyper = Running. Developed by Onion Soup Interactive, and just known as Nippon Marathon for the 2018 console release, this wacky multiplayer marathon/obstacle course running game has received a few enhancements and additions for the arcade version, which includes some major gameplay tweaks(faster pacing, crazier obstacles, you can get completely knocked out of a course, etc), 2 new characters (Hato & Annabelle), 3 new courses (bringing the total to 9) and support for a wide range of monitors that the exA handles (from 4:3 CRTs to 16:9 4K TVs). One quote from developer Andy Madin sums it up well: “This is the Nippon Marathon on caffeine. Overall the game becomes much more competitive.” If you want more though, here’s the quote from the official sales page:
NiPPON MARATHON TURBO HYPER = RUNNING from Japan (?!) comes 4 player madness in the craziest multiplayer race that you’ve ever seen. Featuring art by famed Namco designer behind Numan Athletics and Mach Breakers, Tatsuya Ishikawa, and completely original modes optimized for both hardcore and casual locations, competitive players can find the best paths for the highest score while casual players will enjoy playing with friends