One of the more enticing things about the Exa-Arcadia platform to me, from both a player and operator perspective, is how much content that it is adding to the roster of arcade releases every year. We already have seen more game launches in 2020 than we see on average by February (using the past two decades as a measuring stick) thanks to the Exa, with Aka & Blue Type-R, The Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ and Akyrios EXA already shipping out to buyers.
There is more on the way of course, with two more titles shipping hot on the heels of Akyrios. Let’s dive into them:
Infinos EXA
Let’s start with one of the games that had been announced early on in the Exa life cycle, an STG by the name of Infinos EXA.  As a horizontal shooter, this one fits with the style of shoot ’em ups that were popular in the early 90’s, particularly Thunder Force. In fact, one of the primary differences for the Exa version is a completely new soundtrack made by Thunder Force composer Hyakutaro Tsukumo. The game page for this one also states: “Optimized for operator income, the included EXA MODE is a true challenge for players and a winner for arcade owners alike.” For those interested, the game can be ordered here for $971USD (that’s just for the cart; if purchased as a bundle with an Exa board, it’ll be more since you’re also buying the EXA). Here’s my time playing it at CAX 2018:

Lightning Knights
Now for one that’s a little bit of a surprise for a release at the moment, Lightning Knights. RPG style games are quite rare in arcades, only really found once in a while in Japan and almost never out West. This title was originally released for the PC/PS4/XB1 back in July