Bay Tek Games continues to stay quite busy and fans of videmption gaming will certainly have reason to be pleased as they have another new game to find out there.
Bay Tek first unveiled a title called Willy Crash on this brief 15 second video last week; it appears to have a 47″ screen and sports a ‘human cannonball’ theme to it (which reminds me of Atari’s Human Cannonball, just updated with today’s tech/graphics). As this video shows, you simply push the lever down to launch Willy into the air, timing that launch just right to make it as far as possible. Ticket values are assigned to the rooftops of several different buildings, the 1000 ticket bonus being the one you really want.

While digging around, it seems that this game has been on test at Dave & Busters but under the name Cannonball Carl. I will guess that Willy Crash is going to be the final title since that is what BT posted to their YouTube but here’s that test version as posted by someone on Instagram (from the post, it looks like they didn’t know they were sitting right in front of a test game ). (Direct link in case the embed doesn’t show up in your browser)

It is unknown when this game will launch but with the video showing up on Bay Tek’s YT channel, it is likely going to be soon.
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