Cashing in on fame is one of the most natural things any star or group of stars can do, and the pop music industry in the United States are masters of the game.

The Game Boy Color was a legendary handheld system that not only built upon the legacy of its predecessor but had some amazing titles itself. But NSYNC Get To The Show is not one of those titles – in fact, NSYNC Get To The Show is one of the more bizarre entries to come out for the amazing Game Boy Color.

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While the Game Boy Color was a step up from the original Game Boy’s muted Pea-soup colored graphics, it wasn’t a huge leap forward in terms of graphical prowess and sound. In other words, the Game Boy Color was still the regular old Game Boy from a technological standpoint. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing, it was just starting to show its threads as the 2000s approached. This means that most of the games coming out for the system were markedly more primitive than what you could get on a home console, and gamers were just fine with that. Another trend from the 1990s that many will recall with less fondness is the boy-band craze of the latter part of the decade.

Cashing in on this phenomenon, NSYNC Get To The Show offers players the chance to play a game based on the music of the band. If you’re scratching your head in confusion, don’t worry, we all are but it seemed somewhat natural at the time.

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The Game Boy Color appealed to a wider swath of gamers than most systems and NSYNC Get To The Show reflected that phenomenon. Sadly, it didn’t reflect the other hot trend of being a good game. The game places players in the role of NSYNC’s biggest fan and gives the player one of the band members as a mentor to guide them through the tale. What this boils down to in practice is the player acts as a driver for the NSYNC party limo, ferrying the band down the road and keeping them happy all the while. If that doesn’t strike you as bizarre, keep reading.

Of course, since this game was more of a cash-in than an attempt at making a credible game, you will find that it has the depth of a kiddie pool and the replayability of a game of fully-loaded Russian roulette.

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Not only is it miserable, there’s barely a game here. You accelerate the vehicle down the road and fulfill objectives and that’s all there is to this.

The sadness wafting off of this game is only matched by the sheer audacity of the marketing team that came up with this concept. Inspired by money and underlined by healthy doses of JAVA gaming’s best, NSYNC Get To The Show is a strange title indeed, probably not only unworthy of the moniker video game but also the eponymous band’s endorsement.

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