Location tests are starting to pile up, and particularly from one company that we have mentioned a few times lately: Adrenaline Amusements. They have Zombie Smasher, Twister, and now Drakons: Realm Keepers. This latter and fully original piece (by what I can tell) is currently on test at the Dave & Busters in Hollywood, FL. Thanks to Jdevy for catching this on Reddit, where it was posted by a user 1000evan. As always, remember that this is a game on test – this could be very early or very late in development but could change drastically from what we see here or it could be canceled. We’ll only know for sure once/if it hits production. That said, here we go:

Drakons Realm Keepers by Adrenaline AmusementsJDevy pointed out that it’s a blue swipe game ( here^^ in the pic) which means it’s a non-ticket/amusement only game; You can also see the very tip of the seat portion to the right of the card reader. Until we get a full view of the seat we can only guess on major features (motion? non-motion? controls?), and as a dragon-riding game, it either involves racing, shooting, or possibly a combination of both. We can assume that it links at least two units together, and uses animated LEDs on the sides that represent fire; I also like the look of the marquee, which is pretty sharp.

One curiosity is the circular fixture under the monitor. If that were a speaker, it should have a grill over it, and it would likely have two. As a single item, it is likely that this is an air blower, which has become somewhat common in games involving driving or flying. It appears to be conical in shape to focus the air; If it isn’t, the only other thing I could guess is a Kinect-style device, but I’m pretty sure it’s the former.

I have reached out to Adrenaline for comment and once we hear more, I’ll update this space! Otherwise, the best chance of us seeing more about this would be at Amusement Expo 2021 at the end of June.

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