Multimorphic has added internet capability to its Cosmic Cart Racing game, allowing owners of the P3 pinball platform with the Cosmic Cart Racing game kit to compete against other players anywhere in the world.

Closed-network gameplay on the P3 had been demonstrated at pinball shows for several years, but using the internet to connect P3 machines has been a more recent development – one which added a greater challenge.

Multimorphic demonstrating four linked P3 machines at the Texas Pinball Festival 2019

Now Multimorphic has released a public beta version of the Cosmic Cart Racing software (V2.1.0.29) which gives to option to play against internet opponents rather than the game’s artificial-intelligence bots. Multimorphic also plan to roll out internet games to their Heads Up! pitch-and-bat title once that game is officially released.

To find out more about how the new internet connectivity works, Pinball News spoke to Multimorphic’s head, Gerry Stellenberg.

Gerry Stellenberg

We began by asking him how long the team at Multimorphic had been working on adding internet-connected gameplay to the P3?

He replied, “I’ve spent most of my professional career in the data networking industry; so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear we’ve planned on having network connectivity since the very beginning.  We designed the P3 development framework with networking in mind, and every single P3 we’ve ever shipped has a Wi-Fi adapter.  We first showed networked P3s running HeadsUp! at TPF 2017 and then 4-machine Cosmic Cart Racing in 2019, but those were both connecting over local private networks.  We’ve been working on the internet component for the last year or so.“

So, P3 machines were already internet-ready, and no changes need to be made to get online?

Gerry: “All P3s are ready to go.  Customers that haven’t already done so just need to enter their Wi-Fi credentials into the Wi-Fi setup section of the System Manager application.“

The announcement of the new feature

Presumably a multi-hop internet connection with variable delays and bandwidth has the potential to be more problematic than a local network.  What issues do you face connecting over the internet that you wouldn’t have on a closed network?Gerry: “From a low level /