It’s been a little bit since we had an update on the happenings within the industry since the pandemic made chaos a daily part of life, so let’s get you up to speed on what is going on.
Over In My Neck Of The Woods…
First off, thanks to those who reached out via email, messenger or phone to check on me and how things were going. I likewise really hope that you are all managing this as best you can, praying that you won’t have to face closure. Whatever happens, I hope that you and your families will come out of this ok.
It has been a tough call on re-opening. Every city and state is different as to their rules; Every place is different as to the impact of the virus. Some business operators have looked to open as soon as they are able to; Others want to stay closed until there’s a vaccine or until some other threshold for “feeling safe” is reached. Customer attitudes are also varied – On one hand, many say that they have no intention of visiting entertainment facilities for a while; On the other, myself and other ops have been receiving constant phone calls asking if we’re open or not (for myself, I get a lot more on Sundays than at any other time for the past few weeks). Some places that have opened end up closing again due to various reasons (too slow, not enough employees, loud complaints from upset customers about any “non-essential” place opening, etc.). Some land lords are great to work with and understand the need to work things out; Others are stubbornly sticking to “my way or the highway.”  There’s more than that of course, but we can sum it up as: These are tumultuous waters that we’ve all had