The ABBA Arrival LE cabinet

Swedish pinball manufacturer Pinball Brothers just revealed the first images of its ABBA pinball machine, three days before the official launch of the game. According to the press release, the game is available in a Voyage Collector Edition (300 units, MSRP 10,995 USD) and an Arrival Limited Edition (500 units, MSRP 9,995 USD). Oddly enough, the cabinet artwork on the Arrival LE reminds more of the Voulez-Vous album artwork, than the Arrival album.

The ABBA Voyage Collector Edition backglass artwork, which uses artwork from the virtual Voyage show.
The ABBA playfield, which includes three flippers, the Arrival helicopter ball lock mechanism and a discoball
The ABBA feature matrix

The press release describes the game as follows:
“Buckle up for the ultimate ABBA adventure! Your mission is to make ABBA
immortal by forging their Abbatars. To succeed, you need to gather their souls
and travel through both time and space – all so you can open the portal to the
Voyage dimension, where the ancient Medallion of Power hides.
This game features more than 20 of ABBAs greatest hits and music videos.
All featuring a fully interactive Arrival Helicopter from the iconic Arrival album cover
and a disco ball to deliver the full ABBA experience.”

The press release continues:
“The Medallion of Power is your magic key during this journey. Piece it together and let the rapid voyage
through time and dimensions begin. Creating their Abbatars requires you to gather three main elements: the band members instruments, outfits – and their souls. When you manage to obtain them all, you must travel back in time to follow their footsteps during their tours in the 70’s and 80’s: Sweden, the Nordics, Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.
Completing these tasks will briefly open a portal to the Voyage dimension. Dive into it and search for the
Medallion of Power to unlock three epic multiball battles, before facing the final wizard mode. The better you do, the more powerful the Medallion will get…
Will you succeed in making ABBA eternal? Play and find out.”

The game is designed by Alexander Spohr, with artwork by Swedish artist Andreas Bennwik, who has been commissioned to create ABBA artwork before. The sound package of the game is produced by sound designer Olof Gustafsson. Pinball Brothers were approched by Ludvig Andersson, son of ABBA’s Benny Anderson, who is a pinball enthusiast.

Behind the Helicopter droptarget is a Vertical Up Kicker that feeds the ball into the helicopter

The ABBA pinball machine features over 20 ABBA songs, of which the following 16 songs have been confirmed:
– Dancing Queen
– Does Your Mother Know
– Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
– Mamma Mia
– Money, Money, Money
– Ring Ring
– Super Trouper
– Take A Chance on Me
– Voulez-Vous
– Waterloo
– The Winner Takes it All
– Summer Night City
– Eagle
– Knowing me, Knowing you
– Tiger

Pinball Brothers are hosting a launch event for the game on Saturday, April 6, 2024 in the Clarion Hotel in Orebro, Sweden. Pinball Magazine will be at the event and report from it live on Facebook. The date of April 6, 2024 is significant as it marks the 50th anniversary of ABBA winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with Waterloo.

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