Saturday is the last official day of Pinball Expo, although the tournaments continue into Sunday.
We are back in the Seminars Hall for a full day of talks. The first seminar was by Mirco Stefan from Mirco Playfields.
Mirco Stefan
He talked about how he first got into making fully-licensed pinball playfields, with the first being Attack from Mars.  That router was pretty basic requiring manaul changing of the cutting tool, so it wasn’t long before he expanded and developed his own multi-tool router.
Now he has a fully-robotic system doing everything from playfield cutting, insert placement and gluing, direct digital printing and clearcoating.
He said they have a visual robot for the inserts which can sort through an assortment of inserts, detect the colour and shape of them and sort them so they can be inserted into the appropriate holes.
He said they have a new digital printer which can print onto all kinds of different materials using the same printing method to ensure consistency of quality and colour.
Mirco said they don’t really have a minimum production run, as long as they have the CAD file and the artwork they can do individual or custom playfields.
Next to the stage was Will Russo who was talking about the league scene in Chicago.
Will Russo
He explained what the requirements are for a location to be used for league play.  He showed a map of ten bars in the Chicagoland area they use and the format of the league meetings and matches.
He said coaching is both allowed and encouraged, and players are encouraged to visit the locations and practice ahead of the next league night.
Jack Danger was the next speaker in the Seminars Hall.
Jack Danger
Jack ran an animation studio in Chicago and explained how he first got into pinball by purchasing one for his studio.  He and his friends got into local league play and wanted to find out everything about the games they were playing.  He also wanted to record their games at the studio so he could go back an analyse them later.
He then worked out how to move their equipment out of the studio and into