The Pinball Hall of Fame (PHoF) in Las Vegas is to move to a new, larger, higher-profile location right on the Las Vegas Strip.
Owner Tim Arnold made the announcement today describing how the Hall of Fame’s current location at 1610 Tropicana Avenue, although much larger than the original home further down Tropicana, is still not the size he and the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club wants it to be.  That original location next to the Tropicana Cinema provided 4,400 sq ft of floor space compared to the current location’s 8,600 sq ft.  The new home is expected to provide 27,000 sq ft, more than three times the size of the current space.
The original home of the Pinball Hall of Fame
The current home
In addition, Tim reckons that the 3.2 miles distance of the current home from the Strip acts as a significant deterrent to tourists who rarely stray far from the Strip’s many attractions.  So, although they have extra land onto which they could expand the current building, the group had, for some time, been investigating several possible properties either on or very close to the Strip.
They had been pursuing a vacant former motel plot, but after negotiations to purchase it stalled it was put up for sale by auction.  To their surprise, the group won the auction at a lower price than they had been expecting and acquired it outright for $4,589,000 (inclusive of fees).
The move will take the Hall of Fame not only closer to the main Las Vegas Boulevard (‘The Strip’) but actually onto it.  Although it is at the far end of the Strip, it is very close to the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign where so many tourists stop to take photographs and almost next door to the World’s largest Harley Davidson dealership.
The new PHoF location at 4915 S. Las Vegas Blvd with the Welcome sign (photo: Google Maps)
The move is far from a simple case of relocating, however.  For a start, there’s no building on the new property.
The future home of the Pinball Hall of Fame (photo: Google Maps)
While building a custom-designed home for