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It’s Pinburgh Time!

The largest pinball tournament in the world, 840 players, over 300 pinball machines.  Are you ready???


(Ugh, that is so bad.)
Quick links to get you ready for Pinburgh!

What to Know Before You Go
Schedule of ReplayFX
Pinburgh Banks of Games
Pinball Spinner – Your Guide to all the Pinburgh Banks
Pinburgh Rules

Watch it LIVE!
The Pinburgh stream will start at the quarterfinals. They will also be streaming the finals of Intergalactic and WIPT on Sunday.  TUNE IN HERE ON THE PAPA YOUTUBE CHANNEL WHEN IT GOES LIVE!!

What Happened Last Year
Colin MacAlpine was the big winner last year!  Colin beat out Josh Sharpe (2nd), Keith Elwin (3rd), and Cayle George (4th) to win the first prize of $15,000.  In the end, Colin had a very well played game on Andromeda, and Josh stepped up needing a HUGE score on ball three to win – click here to watch Josh’s final ball and the moment Colin won.  Here is an interview with Colin afterwards, and here is an interview with Josh.

Pinburgh: What to Watch For

Can Colin MacAlpine become the first to win back to back at Pinburgh?
Will Eric Stone make it into the tournament and continue his hot streak?  As of the time of this writing, he is 78th on the waitlist.
Will Josh Sharpe win his first major?  He posted on Tilt Forums his previous 32 results in majors which includes 14 top tens and four second place finishes.
If Zach Sharpe, Cayle George, or Keith Elwin want to have a chance at running down Raymond Davidson for the #1 player in the world in 2018, this is their last big chance to do it – will one of these big names come out on