We’ve known about Jersey Jack Pinball’s 4th game, Pirates of the Caribbean, since October of last year; I also got to play an early version of it at IAAPA 2017. But, news has been scarce on the title for most of the year – until now.
First, the Jersey Jack Pinball website mentions “production is now underway!” for the game. Then we have the JJP Live Streams to see the game in action.
Here’s Live Stream #20, where we have a look at the “first production” machine for POTC. This stream is led by the game’s designer, Eric Meunier, who gives us a tour of the changes made from the prototype models. The stream starts 3 minutes in, where they get started right away on those changes. A few are minor adjustments; I like the change to the clear ramp on the right, which helps overall visibility. The idea of the steel bars headed all the way to the bottom of the shooter lane is quite interesting and welcome – I don’t know if a game has ever done that before, but if you’ve owned a pinball machine for several years, then you know how poorly the wood fares in that area after a bit of use. The central disc has also changed, from the three to one (which will also help with maintenance down the road.
Gameplay starts at 9min in, with additional explanations to what is going on, including descriptions of the three skill shots and so on:

What do you think about the game from this footage?
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