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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Houdini – New Code

American Pinball and Josh Kugler announced a substantial update to Houdini last week!  For all the details, click here!

Jersey Jack Production Info
Photo courtesy pinball photos.com
Pinsider KingBW shared on this Pinside post that he had a recent tour of the Jersey Jack Production Facility.  He talked to Jack Guarnieri during the tour and shared some insightful info on the current state of Pirates of the Caribbean production on a different post:
“Jack said that he was hoping for 13-15 games per day. Right now they were doing time studies on all of the workstations to find where the possible bottle-necks will be on the line and adjust for that. The one game completed was so that they could run one through all the assembly stations and also so that Eric and JJP could see any part fit issues and to make sure that all productions parts will function correctly. They are working out all of the production line details before going full out on the line. Plenty of parts, cabinets, etc are stacking up and waiting to turn that assembly line switch on. It’s ready! They moved the DI assembly over to the second mini-assembly line and were training people on that while we were there too.”
Won’t be long until we see the first JJPOTC’s shipping out and Jack doing a cartwheel, as is tradition!

The Harley Davidson Model and Stern Pinball
In the July 2018 Recap from the Pinball News & Pinball Magazine Podcast, Martin and Jonathan had an interesting exchange when discussing the Pinball Hall of Fame moving near the Harley Davidson dealership in Las Vegas:
Martin: An interesting tie-in