For the past several years, many Raw Thrills arcade titles have incorporated a QR code score sharing system, where a user who finishes a game can whip out their smartphone, open a QR scanner app, then share their score on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Scores have also been shared on the Raw Thrills website, although finding them hasn’t always been the most intuitive of tasks – until now.
Raw Thrills has launched a sleek new “Hall of Fame” website for seeing and tracking these shared scores, which you can visit by clicking on this link. The games currently covered are: Cruis’n Blast, Galaga Assault, Jurassic Park Arcade, Nerf Arcade, Pixar Cars,, Super Alpine Racer, Winter X Games Snocross, and X Games Snowboarder.

That isn’t all of course. When filming Nerf Arcade last week, I noticed a slight change on the QR codes that would appear, as it mentioned “Win Prizes!” To provide an additional incentive to sharing of scores this way, Raw Thrills is stating that “players can win a T-shirt each week if they use the QR code on the games.” When you click on any of the games, it shows who this week’s winner is. I have to imagine that if this takes off, additional prizes will be available, much like how there are more options for such things using Big Buck Points on Big Buck HD.
Given that much of the luster on getting the high score at the arcade has faded compared to where it used to be, I’ve often tried to find ways to drive players to get back into the spirit of such competition. While I do activate the QR codes on all of the RT games I have, I haven’t seen anyone use them, although I could do a much better job at