There’s nothing new about sports brands collaborating with well-known faces to create unique trainers and shoes. But this new offering from Puma is sure to delight retro gamers!
There’s no doubt that Sonic the Hedgehog leaves all other retro gaming icons behind when it comes to sheer speed. So what better way to celebrate one of the all-time-greats than with a unique pair of trainers that might just give you the same zip as the infamous blue Hedgehog?
Inspired by of Sonic’s strive to be “forever faster”, Puma and SEGA have teamed up to create the PUMA x SEGA RS-0 SONIC. Inspired by the Sonic universe, Puma have clearly put quite a lot of effort into making these trainers the real deal, citing that “The upper’s textured suede represents Sonic’s fur, while the checkered outsole is inspired by the roads Sonic runs on.”
Check out the Sonic-inspired shoes below!

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