Super Deluxe/giant cabinets can be impressive, but as we’ve pointed out before, they don’t work for every location. That and the right cabinet design can not only save on space, but can end up earning the same as the larger cousin.
Recently, Canadian arcade developer Adrenaline Amusements unveiled a scaled down version of their Tomb Raider game. This maintained the same software as the 120″ version, but offered it in a 65″ screen package. Now, another game that launched in the 120″ cabinet, Rabbids Hollywood, is making the same jump. This particular cabinet design has a lot in common with the unreleased Rabbids Ticket Fiesta that was demonstrated at IAAPA 2017.
Like Tomb Raider, the new Rabbids Hollywood keeps the 4-player action. I imagine that both this and Tomb Raider will be at IAAPA 2018 and will be shipping out any time now. Here’s the reveal trailer:

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