We first heard about Nerf Arcade back in March, then had a chance to play the game later that month during Amusement Expo in Las Vegas. If you missed out on the news, the game is a shooting gallery-style game, with the Nerf license providing for the types of guns that you use. The game is now officially shipping, arriving at locations that already placed an order for one in advance.
When I was at Amusement Expo around the end of day 1, I just so happened to walk by the Betson booth there, where Eugene Jarvis and a woman (an operator, I think…didn’t catch her name) was suggesting that they add a bezel to the monitor. This was a good idea, as it was just a TV mounted to the back of a stand that had artwork on it. They also must have felt that it was a good design choice, as you can see from the final production model (the base of the stand also now has a Raw Thrills cover, so you can’t see the bars from the front):

On top of that, the official Nerf Arcade game page has provided us with a few other details on the changes brought along since we saw the games a couple of months ago. For starters, the game now features an Amusement Mode, so locations that can’t or don’t want to operate it as a redemption game can do so as a standard play-for-points-and-fun video game. This should also make it more enticing for the Hall of Fame scoreboard that you can share your score to when using a QR code scanner.
Other than that, the stages that were seen at AEI are still there with the same themes, and the gameplay is the same. If you’ve had a chance to play