One of the nice things about the card vending video game idea, is that you can refresh interest in the game by releasing new cards. Andamiro has done this a number of times for their redemption-focused card games, and now Raw Thrills is rolling out their own update on cards for Injustice Arcade with Series 2.
Series 1 cards launched with the game at the end of 2017, and have proven to be a popular item among players. Apart from finding cards being sold on sites like eBay, I’ve been told by different distributors that they frequently field card restock requests. Still, with a year having passed, providing 110 new cards is a great way to bring players back to the game. This also comes on the heels of a huge price drop for the game, an effort aimed at getting it into more locations. 
Equipment distributor Betson reports that there is new software that has been designed to work with the cards, and that a kit is shipping out to locations that “currently lease or own Injustice Arcade.” This kit features various items to promote this new series, including a translite, decal with a QR code (taking you to the card checklist) and a roll-up banner(example pictured to the right; you may have seen the Series 1 banner posted next to existing machines). After a site updates the game, it will work with both Series 1 & 2 cards; if an IJ game has a serial # of 42700 or higher, then the correct software is already installed.
With this series, Raw Thrills is introducing a new rarity tier, Platinum. Previously, it was categorized just as Bronze/Silver/Gold. Platinum cards will be the hardest to find, each of which is a coveted “Team Card.” Here is the breakdown of how many cards exist