We’re running on brief stories this week but that’s ok. There’s no need to write a whole chapter on each piece of news that comes along.
Raw Thrills continues to promote the upcoming release of Halo Fireteam Raven, now with a sales flyer. We haven’t seen too many flyers in recent memory – they might show up at trade shows but so often now they do not. That, or they are nothing to write home about. This new one for Halo Fireteam Raven certainly has enough to gawk at, following the pattern of a proper arcade flyer.
The bullet point details that it discusses are things we heard about previously – the two 4k screens, 4-players with force feedback guns, 5.1 surround sound (per cabinet seat) and the Xbox Live Gamertag connectivity. For those unsure how that is supposed to work, it will use QR code scanning with a smartphone like many of Raw Thrills other games have done to post scores. Whether or not this will involve some other app to link to the Gamertags is unknown at this time. Another piece of interest from this flyer are the dimensions; instead of it being 11’x11’x11′ as said in the initial video, it’s slightly smaller at 9.9′ tall and deep while it is 11.4 feet wide. Still a huge piece; it’s an even bigger monster to ship. Here’s the flyer:

Raw Thrills is taking pre-orders for this now; if you operate a location, are you considering this?
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