We’ve got more media to share with you in regards to Play Mechanix & Raw Thrills’ upcoming racing title, Nitro Trucks. The game debuted last week at IAAPA Expo 2019, where I ran a post about it here, then shared this video showing it in action (and in 4K destructive glory). But we’ve got a little more to throw your way right beneath that:

The Cabinet
Let’s start with an official shot/render of the final game cabinet. Click on it for a full view. Like with MotoGP, this is available in four colors; you’ll want to talk to your distributor about how that all shakes out.
One interesting note I came across while looking at some of the original filenames in what I was sent, is that there was a file named “Super Trucks.” I’ll assume from that, that the game was named such, until the more exciting Nitro Trucks name was decided upon (and trademarked).
Action Shots
Here are some images labeled as “screenshots,” although they are what is generally called “bullshots” since they are captured from within the game engine, but not from the game camera that the player uses. Thus you won’t see the HUD/UI around the edges. All of the shots provided were in 1920×1080 resolution, excepting the Upgrade Truck show, which was at 4K (I cut it down to 1080, just to save on space ).

The Trucks
If you want to take a closer look at the trucks themselves, then here’s this handy slider:

Track & Truck Logos
Here are the logos attached to the different tracks and trucks that you can choose from. Click to embiggen the images:
And finally, here’s a background shot from one of the game’s courses. Thanks to Play Mechanix for sending these my way, so that you could enjoy them. Nitro Trucks is about ready to hit full