Long before IAAPA 2019 rolled around, I’d been hearing rumors about Raw Thrills experimenting with some different VR concepts. I had not seen or heard anything more than vague details and rumors, but that changed at IAAPA 2019, when Raw Thrills had a banner and a video on a loop showing a quick tease of some gameplay.
With Amusement Expo taking place this week, the company is finally ready to unveil their first foray into Virtual Reality with King Kong of Skull Island. The information found here-in is gleaned from a marketing document that Betson & Raw Thrills produced to promote the game to distributors and operators; thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent it my way.
The Cabinet
Let’s start with the first thing that people will see when they come across the game at an arcade – the cabinet. Where this is not the first “VR Ride” out there, there is a kind of style to these cabinets already, but so far each has been able to find ways to stand out. For Raw Thrills, they have a black & purple color scheme going on, lit by purple LEDs and they have two monitors in the back instead of one. The larger 55″ display up top is for showing teaser videos, while the smaller 43″ monitor works as a dynamic marquee/logo display. These displays do not show the game as it is being played, which they did as a way to entice people to what to experience the full thing for themselves. Here’s the cabinet, then more details:
The motion system for the seats is an air compressor/bladder based system, the same used in Jurassic Park Arcade Motion. This is done because it is lower cost and more reliable than the traditional electric motor systems used in the past, while producing the