Life is lived in color, but our technology wasn’t always able to capture that reality. Thanks to modern tech however, colorizing photos that were originally taken in black & white is easier than ever, although it’s still not always perfect.
At least in my case, where I will not make any claims about being a pro.
Recently, I saw the Twitter user Lord_Arse plugging a website that uses “deep AI learning” to colorize B&W photos. Called Colourise, I figured that it would be worth a shot to see the results for some arcade & pinball photos.
I found that it’s a bit imperfect still – it’s good at restoring blues and most skin tones, but the photos it gives you still need a lot of work by hand to come up properly. Greens, yellows, oranges, reds often still appear as gray or black. As such, each of the photos below had to be reworked by hand in addition to the AI colorization…sometimes it shows with colors being a bit too bold. It’s time-consuming work, so while I would like to have done more than what you see below, it had to be done eventually; These also could probably be done much better with more time thrown at them. Still, some color, even if hyper-realistic or imperfect, is better than no color, so let’s see the results (I may do a video showing the AI colorized versions, and comparing B&W, partial color, final color, if anyone would be interested in that).
Let’s start with some people playing at the arcade, sometime in the early 80’s. It’s possible that the ceiling wasn’t a dark brown, but I felt that worked better than black. :


Here’s one with some rarities in it. I had some issues on this one (mainly the blue on the Bubbles cabinet – probably