Happy Independence Day US readers! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday. If you aren’t in the US, then I still hope you have an awesome day and have the opportunity to play some arcade games.
Generally when we talk about Incredible Technologies, the news involves something about the latest version of Golden Tee (which they are promoting on their social media at the moment). So it came as a surprise when I visited the IT booth at Amusement Expo 2019 in Las Vegas to find that they were supporting an indie arcade game formerly known as Tipsy Raccons. Now known as Retro Raccoons, the game was to under-go a number of changes from what was seen in Vegas, before enjoying a full release. In case you are unfamiliar with this project, it was originally created as the world’s first “drinkcade” by Adam Wray of Glitchbit (read more about it here).
Here’s what we saw of this unique – and arcade exclusive – party game in Vegas, then we’ll get into updates:

Today we can get you up to speed on those improvements thanks to the information passed along to me by Adam Wray of Glitchbit. This enhanced build will better fit into arcade (non-bar) locations, with a broader appeal, while still working for those venues that serve adult beverages. These improvements came along thanks to feedback that was heard at that show (as a note to any indie devs out there – that’s a great reason to attend an industry trade show with your product, as you’ll talk with potential buyers and might find out why they will – or will not – purchase your game) along with feedback obtained through location testing.
Let’s start with the animated gif that was sent my way, then I’ll break it down in case