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The latest Asia Amusements & Attractions Expo has come and went, so here’s a quick review of what was there. This expo is mainly focused on the Chinese amusement market so what we can expect to see come to the West may be limited.

There isn’t a whole lot to discuss here – nothing new in video that I’d expect to find out here. But in case you are interested…


The showcase game for Wahlap, who does often bring games to the West, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happening for this game, was the latest version of Sega’s InitialD: The Arcade.

If that doesn’t get the point across as to how strongly they were promoting the game, then check this tweet, this one, and this one.

They did have several other games there, but they didn’t quite roll out the red carpet for them in the same way – which isn’t a surprise. You can’t do a major media event for everything.

One new-new concept that was at Wahlap’s booth was Thunderbolt Shot. While primarily a competitive electro-mechanical game, it does have some video screens. This photo was taken by Amusement Source International, where they import games from China, could they bring this one over? It’s possible, as ASI said on LinkedIn in another post that they are already “bringing several new pieces” over to the US for testing.

Yuto Games

This company has had some aggressive marketing on YouTube, although I don’t know how many Western locations have invested into their equipment. The tank game you see here is a new cabinet version of InJoy Motion’s Allied Tank Attack.


Crane manufacturer Dreamfuns are fans of EVA:

Bullseye Crack Shot is another game in  the recent  series of skill-based shooting gallery video games, like OnPoint or Quick Shot. Photo credit: Amusement Source Intl.

Bullseye Crack Shot video arcade game

Tong  Li Animation doesn’t sound  like a crane and merchandiser company, but that’s what they focus on producing.

New playground concept from a  company called Funlandia:

A ball toss video game by Three-Plus Amusement, photo credit: Amusement Source Intl.

Then here’s a general overview:

That is all I could find about the expo, aside from hearing about a Dance Rush clone that was there. Is there anything you’d like to see make it’s way West (InitialD seems like a  given, but I highly doubt that’ll happen again)?

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