We’re about a month away from Amusement Expo 2019, which means that we are bound to start hearing a little more about the games that will be there. Sega Amusements is the first company I’ve seen to promote their booth, so let’s discuss that briefly before sharing the press release.
For the headliner of the bunch, ATV Slam will be shown off in the US for the first time (excepting location tests). The game was first made playable to the industry at the EAG 2019 show in London in January; Sega is already taking orders for the game, so that means units should be shipping pretty close to Amusement Expo time. The press release mentions one detail I don’t recall hearing before, in that the game uses the “rubber banding” effect to help out poor players so that they have a chance in the race; we can also assume that the latest software for the game will be showcased. It also supports wind effects via air cannon and has a “live camera” system that works in the same manner as found with Daytona Championship USA. Here’s the official trailer that Sega released for it, in case you missed that previously:

Speaking of EAG, the AE2019 line-up sounds like it will mimic that pretty closely – House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, Transformers: Shadows Rising, Daytona Championship USA standard, Target Bravo: Operation GHOST and Storm Racer G Deluxe. There is no mention of the new Super Deluxe Daytona model, but maybe it will be there as a little surprise.
The press release issued today just focuses on the video games, although Sega does tend to send out details regarding their sports game and redemption line-up some time afterwards. I’m certainly not going to complain about video games getting the spotlight first!
Amusement Expo International 2019 will