The news cycle for the past few months has been a cycle of closures, indefinite closures, re-openings, & re-closures. It’s been a little hard to track it all, since every industry has been affected in one way or another. For the arcade side, I’ve detailed plenty of that, although we still have plenty of extremes, from We’re All DoomedTM to Everything Is Fine® (not much of the latter though). I think that most are somewhere in-between.
One company that had ceased operations was the Western side of Sega Amusements, their arcade division. Apart from some basic warehouse things (as I did receive a Hot Racers machine that shipped directly from their Illinois warehouse), they have been shut down since March, which has also affected the development of new games. Sega Japan’s operations are a little bit different, so the length of their lock downs have been dependent more on the situation in Japan.
One thing up in the air was Mission: Impossible Arcade. Shown at Amusement Expo 2020 as a final build, this was a big game for the company to launch, but it showed up ready just a couple of days before lockdowns began to spread like wildfire across the US. I have confirmed with the main US sales rep at the company that the game did not ship, and it has been officially delayed until November. I did capture some footage of it that you can watch here:

Apart from that, their other previously released games like ATV Slam, House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, Daytona Championship USA, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade and others will be shipping, but given the circumstances, I wouldn’t expect much in the realm of new-new from them at IAAPA 2020 (apart from anything unannounced that was close to finished – there is one piece that I had