I was bouncing back and forth on this one being it’s own post instead of saving it for Newsbytes, but it’s Initial D, so let’s go ahead.
The Initial D series doesn’t need much of an introduction, it being one of the pinnacles of arcade racing that has been around since the early 2000’s.  The series did find it’s way to North America and Europe in iterations 1-4, but after some poor sales on the 4th model, Sega decided to keep it focused on Asian markets. That said, with the rise of chains like Round 1 USA, you can find more recent versions of the game in the US…you just have to know going into it that it is mostly in Japanese. For most locations, non-translated games tend to struggle to earn, so most avoid the high costs of importations.
That all said, interest in the series remains high in Japan and elsewhere, so Sega is ready to give the world a new iteration of the game to enjoy. While they’ve been sort of following a numbering scheme, the last one was “Initial D Zero” instead of 9; Instead of this one being called Initial D 10, they are calling it Initial D: The Arcade. Here’s the teaser, which provides some visual history of the game too:

EDIT: Just caught this posted to the Arcade Belgium Facebook, where it shows the cabinet in person about 35 min in.

This, plus the official website, have announced a special unveil/location test “Ignition” event for the game that takes place at Sega [email protected] 5 on the 23rd & 24th of this month.  Here’s a small pic of the cabinet, which lacks in some of the lighting effects that will be present (the plexiglass marquee has LEDs lighting it up from the sides). Note that there is presently