We’ve been touching on the development of Sega Amusements’ Transformers: Shadows Rising since we first saw a prototype of the game at Amusement Expo 2018, and recently the game began shipping to locations around the world. Now, Sega has created two trailers to promote the game to both gamers and operators, which you can watch via the embeds here below.
As a note, the first trailer I completely overlooked until today. It’s about a minute long and has clips to lay out the basic story behind the game. The 2nd trailer is more operator-focused:

While there isn’t anything “new” here for those of us following the story since this past February, the 2nd one does a good job of laying out all of the features to help operators make a decision on whether to pick one up or not. In essence, trailers like these are the modern arcade flyer
Have you come across this game “out in the wild” yet? If so, what did you think of it? Personally, I found it to be a superior game to the first one (Human Alliance), with the Hypertech Energy lever and some of the other game elements (such as the achievements and the sniper sequences) making for a more memorable experience.
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