Earlier this year, Sega Amusements launched their newest racing simulator by the name of ATV Slam to the market. I’ve only had the opportunity to see it once at Amusement Expo 2019, where I did get a little time to see what it was all about. Today, Sega launched a little promotional blitz for the game, starting with this trailer. It’s a little over 2 minutes long and uses the new format of a narrator guiding you through the game’s different features. While it is aimed more at operators, although there’s plenty that a gamer can get out of it too:

From what I played, it really was an impressive looking title. I would have liked to have played it linked (there was only one unit at AEI19), but as the trailer points out, they have a bit of content to go back to for the single player if you want. It was not as casual in how it handled as I thought it might be (i.e., the game doesn’t give you the illusion of control by driving for you), so that’s a plus. I also like that it has 10 tracks to come back to, although I never saw the three game modes that the promo media talks about, and I’d like to learn more about that.    For operators, I’m not sure how much one of these is going for at the moment, as no one publishes pricing anymore (and I’ve not asked about it), but with the motion base I would have to assume it’s somewhere around the 10k range.
Here’s the press release sent out about it; If you’ve already played the game out there, what did you think?
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11th July