At IAAPA 2017, one of the new video game pieces to be found on the show floor was an upright version of Sega’s Target Bravo: Operation GHOST. When Operation GHOST was first launched in 2011 it was created as an upright model; when the Target Bravo update came along, that was only available in the environmental version – until now.

If you don’t recall, Target Bravo is the definitive version of Operation GHOST, the official sequel to Sega’s GHOST Squad. It let’s you choose the level and has a fun Time Attack mode where you have to complete different objectives within a set amount of time. This mode is especially entertaining with two players.
I’ve been keeping an eye out for news on this one ever since but all has been quiet on the electronic fronts – until today. I was researching games for my new book (yeah, shameless plug), I was on Sega’s site and noticed that the upright version had finally been added to their lists of new games. I’m not 100% sure when this was done but I would guess it has been in the past month or so as the last time I had made a visit to their pages it wasn’t there. But there have been no press releases or other official announcements to tout this one so that’s where it kind of snuck up on me.

Either way, I am happy to see another upright shooter as we’ve been getting a lot of these games only showing up in environmental cabinets. Those are cool cabs but in looking at my game floor, it would be easier to fit more uprights into place than more of the big showcase pieces and uprights can earn just fine for my situation. There also aren’t many shooters in this style available for