Earlier today when mentioning the new Mission: Impossible Arcade screenshots, I also mentioned that Sega had sent out a press release regarding their presence at the EAG 2020 Expo that takes place in London next week (14th-16th). You can see the Mission: Impossible stuff here if you haven’t already, but I figured it was also prudent to include some of the other news in it’s own post (I would have contained it in the MIA post, but the site was experiencing some massive slowdown, so I had to spend a good chunk of time trying to figure that out…seems to be running better at the moment, but I’m keeping tabs on things and looking into options).
For the most part, the games that Sega will showcase reflects their IAAPA 2019 booth, which will include House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, ATV Slam and Transformers Shadows Rising. On the prize machine side, they have Shoot It Win It, Capto Crane & the Cubic4Catcher.
The latest version of Mission: Impossible Arcade will be there of course, as well as Sega’s other major video release, that is launching this month: Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Arcade Edition. While I had been expecting to see some new screenshots of that, so far I’ve only encountered this new cabinet shot. This does differ from the cabinet shot we had seen previously in a few minor ways. It appears to have a 55″ monitor like the 2016 models:

In case this is news to you, here’s a brief description:
…The only official licensed Olympic arcade game in the world from Sega and Nintendo. Visitors can participate in twelve events, choose from a legendary cast of twelve characters including Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Amy and many more. This family-friendly game is simple to follow and invites players to