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We know that Sega’s next installment of their popular House Of The Dead series is bound for arcades all over the world this year but exactly ‘when’ and ‘where’ have been burning questions for many fans. Now you can rest easy as a thread on the Dave & Busters Reddit has a little bit of information on when you can expect to come across the game.
According to Kevin Bachus of D&B, they have purchased House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn units for all of their locations, with the intention of seeing the games in operation in time for Halloween season. These are NOT location test units but will be the final production models; Kevin also calls it the “best of the series by far.”

I reached out to Sega Amusements about this and confirmed the news with additional information/clarification that 1) Sega is filling orders on a “first come, first serve” basis and D&B has filled that. Orders are not closed so that other interested chains can still get the game in this year, just that you have to wait in line (no information was given on how long that line is but with all D&B locations getting the game, you’re looking at around 122 units to start). 2) They are still aiming to have these ship by the end of September/beginning of October; Transformers Shadows Rising still looking like it will be shipping the end of this month (for anyone curious about that).
UPDATE: For those who are curious as to how the game has been testing in Japan (I’ve yet to hear about a test out West yet however, I do know that units are in Sega’s possession in the UK), The Website Of The Dead has this list of compiled details/impressions on the