September was a slow month for my business but it’s been a good month for new arcade releases, so let’s highlight was began shipping this month for locations to grab. Most of these are for the exA-Arcadia system but there are some other releases. If you want to look over all of the releases from this year, check out our Arcade & Pinball 2022 Releases page.

This just covers video games & pinball, not redemption.

Astro Ninja Man EXA (RIKI/exA-Arcadia)

This NES homebrew is now available as a value-level arcade game (i.e., it costs around $500, making it one of the cheapest titles out there, not accounting for the exA kit). As RIKI’s second game, this is a unique shoot ’em up that also marks the 3rd game originally released onto the NES for the platform:

James Bond 007 (Stern Pinball)

I’m not 100% sure if anyone has received this game yet but generally when Stern announces a game it’s on the production line and begins shipping out in trickles without an exact announced date. As such, we’ll just say it’s a September release

P-47 Aces MK. II (exA-Arcadia)

Here’s another shoot ’em up for the exA that brings a 90s horizontal scrolling shooter back to life (one that was bigger in Japan than the US at the time), while adding new modes and features. One of those include a setting to make the difficultly easier for casuals so the game can work better in FECs; IT also supports 4-players, which the original never did:

Samurai Shodown V Perfect (SNK/exA-Arcadia)

SNK is back in non-Japanese arcades for the first time in years with the release of this game which was originally intended for release on the NEO GEO MVS. It features a few changes, including the restoration of Overkills and English text, which the release that happened as a part of the Samurai Shodown Collection did not have. Just as a note to correct an error I make here – SNK was the one who found the ROM, not the journalist nor Digital Eclipse, although once found they included it into the collection.

Out of all these mentioned titles, this is the only one I grabbed, so here’s an unboxing of it. I’ll have some direct capture video of this soon:

Sniper Strike II (Amusement Source Intl.)

I’m not really sure how to classify some of these Chinese made games that get little marketing, but there is a US distributor by the name of Amusement Source International (ASI) who posted a video of this to their LinkedIn earlier this month. I’m not sure who the original developer is but it can be ordered through ASI.


Stripes (Polycade)

Here’s a puzzle game that is currently available on the Polycade platform and will soon be available on PC. Connect the Stripes to win points

STRIPES by Polycade

Speaking of Polycade, they have also released a new cabinet that I missed mentioning on the blog; The Polycade Retro. This has been available for some time I believe, although the website for it mentions it had a batch of cabs ready to ship in June. It’s designed after the early Nintendo cabinets that were used for games like Donkey Kong and Popeye.

That’s all for this month; Currently the list just shows TBA for everything but there’s a chance a few could suddenly be announced next month. Others will be launching around IAAPA 2022 in the middle of November.

Does anything from this list appeal to you?


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