Demolition Man (Action Alternate) Pinball Translite

Demolition Man (Action Alternate) Pinball Translite


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One of the best non-permanent mods to enhance your pinball machine – our alternate translites can be swapped in and out quickly and easily. This is our Demolition Man (Action Alternate) pinball translite design, made using a world first “double density ink” technology to ensure they offer the best blacks and colors when backlit, especially with LED’s. Customize your Demolition Man flipper with our alternative backbox artwork display.


This translite is an alternative backbox artwork display for your game. This is the Demolition Man (Action Alternate) version, made exclusively by Retro Refurbs!

  • An alternative blackglass display for your pinball.
  • Cut to the correct size and ready to install straightaway.
  • Size made to the original translite dimensions.
  • Beautiful quality print with rich, vibrant colours.
  • Our double density ink printing ensures the best quality when lit.
  • No washed out colors when lit with LED’s!
  • Thick material with glossy, high quality feel is better than the original!
  • Made on-demand so please sllow 5-10 days for production or your order.

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Weight0.9 kg
Game Name

Demolition Man

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Electronics Type

Solid State (SS)

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Retro Refurbs