Monte Carlo – Black Marble – Pinball SideBlades™

Monte Carlo – Black Marble – Pinball SideBlades™


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Our Monte Carlo Black Marble SideBlades™ can be a perfect mod and improvement of your pinball machine, bringing different art work images to the inside edges of the cabinet. Pre cut on anti-scuff materials and prepared to go inside the game, they need simply mere minutes to set up. Read more below.


Fine-tune the general look of your prized pinball machine with the Monte Carlo – Black Marble Pinball SideBlades™

  • Be sure to allow for 5-7 days for creation and planning of your brand-new sideboard graphics.
  • Incredible print quality, bright colours, and solid blacks.
  • Contour cut and pre-trimmed to the cabinet shape.
  • Fabricated on exclusive “anti scuff & scrape repellent” materials to combat playfield scrapes.
  • Bubble free application in order for a better appearance!

So, what are the SideBlades™ made by Retro Refurbs?

Known by various other suppliers such as for example sideboard decals famously, inside decals, internal side art, or pin blades and pinball blades – these great self adhesive stickers are suitable for the inner sides of your pinball cabinet and greatly enhance the graphical appearance of the playfield simply by improving its design. Produced to be complimentary to look at, they undertake just a few a few minutes to fix and so are a non permanent modificaton.

Moreover, our variety of the inside decals are created on exclusive anti scuff and scratch resistant components which inturn will put an end to scrapes when moving up the playfield that may be considered a tight fit. The materials offers a more rigid type over regular vinyl decals also, which actually in turn give a smoother appearance. Wood grain and blemishes in the cabinet won’t reveal through the images.

To minimise the quantity of work associated with installing inside graphics, our SideBlades™ are contour trimmed exactly to the form of your cabinet, resulting in simply no trimming is essential. Simply just fit, stick and peel!


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