Whirlwind Total Chaos – Pinball SideBlades™

Whirlwind Total Chaos – Pinball SideBlades™


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With artwork perfectly matched to our other Whirlwind Total Chaos products, these inner side art SideBlades™ extend and enhance the playfield area in your game. Simple to install (and can be removed), these inside art blades are printed in high resolution with anti-scratch tough coatings, and cut to the cabinet shape. More information can be found below…


Enhance the pinball playfield area with the Whirlwind Total Chaos – Pinball SideBlades™

  • Made on demand, allow 5-7 days for production time.
  • Excellent quality and high resolution printed graphics.
  • Ready to install and cut to the cabinet shape.
  • Scratch resistant coatings protect against scrapes and playfield knocks.
  • Flawless finishes with no bubbles (wood surface must be clean).
  • Soft satin sheen to enhance the look of your Whirlwind playfield

What are SideBlades™?

SideBlades™ are also referred to as sideboard decals, inside decals, internal side art, or pin blades and pinball blades, and are self-adhesive sticker piece designed to enhance the inner sides of your pinball cabinet in the playfield areas which are usually black. They beautifully complement the visible artwork of the playfield by extending and improving its aesthetic appeal. These stickers are easy to apply and serve as a temporary modification which can be removed at any time.

In addition, our range of inside decals is crafted using an exclusive anti-scuff and scratch-resistant composite material. This unique material provides protection against scrapes when moving the playfield up or down, especially in cases where the fit is tight. Unlike regular vinyl decals our material offers a more rigid texture for a smoother appearance. It effectively masks any light wood grain or minor imperfections on the cabinet surface, giving you a flawless display.

To simplify the installation process our SideBlades™ are pre-cut and contoured precisely to match the shape of your cabinet. This eliminates the need for trimming and allows for a seamless installation experience. Simply position the SideBlades™, peel off the backing, and adhere them to the cabinet. There is no requirement to remove the playfield, reducing the overall effort involved in installing these inside graphics in your Whirlwind Total Chaos game!

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