You may well have noticed that Nintendo are enjoying a fair amount of success of late with their NES Mini and SNES Mini Consoles. Two products which have barely been out of the headlines in the past 12 months.
Well – SNK have noticed too. And now they’re getting in on the action with the announcement of the NEOGEO Mini!

The NEO GEO Mini will look exactly like a miniature version of an arcade unit, complete with mini joystick and buttons. According to SNK it will fit in the palm of your hand, which would make it very mini indeed. It has an in-built 3.5inch screen as well as HDMI output for playing on something slightly bigger. Elsewhere SNK have found room for two controller ports and a headphone jack.
Like the SNES and NES Mini – the NEO GEO Mini will come pre-loaded with a selection of games. Although we don’t yet know which games will be on the list, we do know that there will be 40 in total. Here’s hoping that leaves plenty of room for classics like King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodow and Pulstar. (Check out our own favourite NEO GEO game HERE!)
Metal Slug on NEO GEO
There are two variants – here in the UK we’ll be getting a blue, black and white variant. It will be interesting to see what playing on a tiny 3.5inch screen is really like and the HDMI output may well be the essential feature. For NEO GEO fans however, the idea of holding a tiny arcade machine in your hand is probably going to be too hard to resist either way.
No release date has been announced as yet – we’ll be keeping a keen eye out!
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