It has been a while – a little over two years – since Exa-Arcadia opened up pre-orders for a special, limited-edition run of their EXA board platform. The units would sport a Strania EX skin, come with the game cartridge and some other goodies. I did not catch when those pre-orders closed, but for those who did jump aboard that train, they’ve been patiently waiting for news on that front.
Today, Exa-Arcadia announced that the units are “nearing completion and will ship out to all preorders soon.” This precedes the commencement of a location test for the game in Japan at WGC that will have begun by the time I publish this post. That test runs for 7 days, and may lead to any last minute adjustments that the game requires before they are completed and shipped out to those pre-orders and made available for sale for anyone else. Per the photo below, you can see what these kits look like; They are signed by G.Rev CEO Hiroyuki Maruyama, they will be individually numbered, and they will come with a “unique photo.” Since it is an Exa board, it will have 4 cartridge ports, so it can play additional Exa titles. They also appear to be using the same cartridge color scheme as Aka & Blue Type-R (one half blue, one half red):

Per the tweet from WGC, they also reveal a little bit more about what the Exa version of the game will add to it. 4k resolution for one, which is something that all Exa games are promising now (although very few cabinets out there feature such a monitor, it’s great for those few who do have it, or those looking to upgrade down the road); Balance adjustments made to “all modes;” and the addition of HELL mode, a brand