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Introducing Orion’s Belt – The Next Revolution in Pinball Lighting from Pin Stadium Lights!

Why should every pinball in your collection have Orion’s Belt?
Welcome to the future of lighting for your pinball machine. Pin Stadium has transformed from a product to a pinball lighting company. All we do is focus on highly advanced technology in lighting for your pinball machine with very easy installation and compatibility with any pinball machine with each of our products. Thanks to the loyal support and overwhelming response to the Pin Stadium product we launched with, we have been able to harness that energy and create the next level companion product to your existing Pin Stadium set up. This is the ultimate in lighting control, versatility, technology, and all out dazzling results that will transform your machine past the future with Orion’s Belt!

What is Orion’s Belt?
Orion’s Belt is a Wi-Fi enabled app controllable complete flasher system solution for your pinball machine. It is the result of all of the input and dreams from our customer’s bundled into this new powerful product. It was time to do something ground breaking again and to give collectors/operators unlimited control with maximum eye boggling results!!
Any color, any brightness level, at any time, then take that and multiply it 4x, and you’ve got Orion’s Belt. You will see things you never thought possible and also play better since now you can visually use unique flasher colors to identify events happening in the game no matter what you are doing on the playfield. Here is the list of features:
• Individual Unlimited Flasher Color and Brightness Control
• Choose from 16 Million Different Colors Including: Warm, Sunlight, Natural, Cool,