News from IAAPA has kept me fairly busy for the past few weeks, but not all news in the arcade & pinball universe came from that show. Let’s catch up real quick on two developments from the world of “boutique pinball,” aka, the fancy way of saying indie pinball making.
Rick & Morty Pinball
It has been a little while since I had heard of what Spooky Pinball was up to, but today the curtain came off as they posted this trailer below. It’s an official Rick & Morty Pinball machine, with the blessing of Adult Swim as well as the voice talents of Justin Roiland, who co-created the show and voices the two headlining characters. Nothing about the table is shown here, but where the table is promised for “Christmas 2019,” I’m sure that will change soon enough. Production is limited to 750 machines, but I am curious about how demand will be with this one (which is arguably the biggest IP Spooky has landed so far). I also had to chuckle at the pot-shot taken here about superhero & rock band themed pins (Spooky has done a couple on the latter )

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland
For quite some time now, I’ve known about a company by the name of deeproot Pinball (the d is supposed to be lower case). Part of what has made them interesting for me is that many of the staff are based in my home base of Salt Lake City, UT (others are located in TX), and I was able to talk with a couple of them at a comic convention. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from them since, but they have been busy working on their first machine, which is Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland or RAZA. By what I understand, this design has spent a long bit