While we don’t have a ton of information to go off of on this one, we do have a couple of photos so perhaps someone out there will be able to provide a closer look or more information. If anything, this should tide us over until the next big game announcement makes its way to the wires later this week 😉

Thanks to Jdevy for finding these photos of a game by the name of Skip Time Family Sports. It appears to be on test at the Chuck E. Cheeses in Skokie, IL. Skokie is Raw Thrills’ backyard although this decidedly does not look like something of theirs; it looks like it could have originated from a Chinese factory but the exposure on the shot is so high that one cannot tell who made it by the marquee. I checked with Raw Thrills and Universal Space about it; UNIS says it isn’t one of their games but they have seen it over in China. With that, it is possible that this is a test and coule end up finding distribution through a manufacturer here, like Ice Man did with Coastal Amusements.

This shot was labelled as having been taken in January; another I saw said Nov 2017 although it is from such a distance of the game room floor that it isn’t worth sharing here.

Skip Time Family Sports by unknown

One thing that we can tell is that this involves a treadmill style controller and can be handled by kids. By the name I would assume you are supposed to jump at certain times (like an old SpongeBob redemption game by Andamiro) but until we see it in motion, we can only guess. It’s also safe to assume that it is a videmption title.

If you’ve seen this game ‘out in the wild’, let us know more about it and who made it.




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