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SS Billiards is synonymously linked with its owner; The Man, The Myth, The Lloyd.

Back in August of 2002, Pinball News (PBN) brought you an article about a mostly pinball and pool arcade, SS Billiards, located near Minneapolis, MN, in the United States. The arcade is eponymously known as, Lloyd’s. Lloyd is the arcade’s owner, but you may know Lloyd by his metonym, LTG.

Then, back in 2014, we brought you an introduction to the owner; The Man, The Myth, The Lloyd.

And, back in 2015,
we brought you the story of Lloyd’s refresh.

At the end of last year, we posted a YouTube video of Lloyd. Lloyd even has his own YouTube Channel. This got us thinking. Maybe it was time to catch up with Lloyd and specifically see how things are going after the refresh.

So, we did just that.

We found Lloyd, as always, freely dispensing pinball advice from his lifetime of wisdom. For those of you seeking Lloyd’s pinball advice but can’t stop into SS Billiards, Lloyd can easily be found on two message boards, on telephone support lines, and through e-mail and Facebook.

We did not contact Lloyd through social media, however. Instead we visited West Brooke Square and spoke with the man himself.

We were only interested in visiting one shop – SS Billiards

When we got to Lloyd’s to do our interview, we were happily greeted at the door by Lloyd’s dog (and arcade mascot), Prada.

Prada with tail wag’n

Next, we met with the legend – LTG.

The Actual Man, The Living Myth, The Smiling Lloyd

We saw LTG’s tech support plaques proudly displayed.

Tech support plaques for Planetary Pinball and Jersey Jack

One piece of pinball art we found on the wall during our visit was especially noteworthy.

This is what it must feel like for a noob to ask question from a living legend

Though he didn’t mention it during the interview, we noticed LTG had a show of appreciation for all the help he has given to seemingly countless pinheads over the phone.

A ‘Thank You’ plaque nestling among the pinball parts

LTG’s – Quick Tour

At the front