Every time a new pinball machine is released, fans are already looking to the next game, and when we heard about The Beatles, rumors were circulating that The Munsters was next. Today, with CES 2019 upon us, Stern Pinball has officially confirmed those rumors, and shown the game off through the streaming pinball wizard Dead Flip & Jack Danger.
Stern is one of the few amusement companies that has fully embraced the CES tradeshow, an event focused on cutting edge technology that will be coming to the world. They’ve setup impressive booths there in the past, but this is the first time that they’ve used the attention from the occasion to unveil a new game. Honestly, this event garners a lot more interest from the public that industry-specific stuff like Pinball Expo or IAAPA, so it makes sense.
For the theme, The Munsters means it’s a “horror” theme, although I think that’s to be used loosely since the 1964 TV show and the spin-offs were all comedic outings with horror dressing on them. One can’t help but think about The Addams Family in this instance either – both TV shows launched the same week back in ’64, both were gothic comedy involving the adventures of a wacky family and both were filmed in black & white. From what I recall, The Munsters was a little more whimsical, but I haven’t seen it in ages (as it was on TV many years before I was born). Now that The Munsters come to pinball, I’m sure there will be comparisons between this and TAF that will exist from here onto eternity.
The Munsters Pinball
For the design, this is a game designed by John Borg (click for his extensive pinball resumé). It has Pro, Premium and LE models, with all three offering plenty of fun