Fans of pinball know that Stern has dabbled with “boutique”, limited edition games before. Most recently was the Pabst Can Crusher machine (a re-theme of another boutique machine, Whoa Nellie!). Now, it is Stern’s turn to create a boutique style pin with a Supreme theme.

The upcoming game appears to be a re-theme of Stern’s Spider-Man table and carries quite the contrast compared to other machines you tend to come across. It also uses a red LED display. No pricing or other details have been unveiled yet from what I can tell; here is the trailer posted to YouTube; it was originally shown on Instagram where it has over 400k likes already

I will admit that once I saw this the yesterday, I had no clue what Supreme is (insert “old man get off my lawn with your horsefeathered contraptions ya ankle-biters” meme here). Turns out it’s a trendy skate shop based out of New York City that has become a trendsetter in the fashion world. It has legions of fans although making a snap judgment based upon the reactions I’ve been reading online about this, not many of those fans seem to be into pinball and vice versa.

What do you think about it?

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