As widely anticipated, Stern Pinball have announced that their next release will be based on Ian Fleming’s James Bond character.

It has been suggested that the game will be based on the 1965 movie Thunderball starring Sean Connery in the title role, although Stern Pinball have not revealed any details except it will be themed around 007.

The game is believed to be designed by George Gomez. Stern had an initial design from Steve Ritchie, but when he left the company to join Jersey Jack Pinball it is understood that design was scrapped and George created a whole new design.

As usual, there is a teaser video which doesn’t add any other information.

However, there is a suggestion from Stern Pinball’s UK distributor, Electrocoin, that the game might make its debut at the upcoming IAAPA Europe trade show being held in Europe next week.

Electrocoin's Facebook post
Electrocoin’s Facebook post

Stern themselves have said they will have a small number of games available to purchase through their own website from 10am US Central Time on Tuesday 13th September, but only for paid subscribers to their Insider Connected All-Access programme. That’s the same day as the start of the IAAPA Europe trade show.

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