I skipped doing a Newsbytes this past weekend as there really wasn’t enough to talk about from last week. This is against the norm, since that week is normally IAAPA week, which gives us a huge chunk of things to talk about. We’ll have to wait until IAAPA 2021 for that to return, although chances are pretty good that Amusement Expo 2021 will take place in May.
Until then, one company we can expect to hear more from is exA-Arcadia. While everyone is busy working on new product behind-the-scenes for when all arcades can be open again, most have been focusing on perfecting existing products, or developing home lines to weather the storm. In the case of exA-Arcadia, they have released several games this year, with many more on the way. One that was a surprise, since it wasn’t listed as a pre-order or coming in November, is Super Battle Princess Madelyn by Monster Bath Games. Check out the trailer, then I’ll provide more info below:

So what makes this version “Super,” you might be wondering? Well for starters, the gameplay has been streamlined in such a way that it’s a fairly different game. To quote the sales listing:
[SBPM] is a complete reimagining of the original transformed into an intense arcade action game which its creators originally envisioned. Built from the ground up, KonoSuba character designer, Koichi Kikuta, delivers all new art and an all new soundtrack by Gryzor87 accompanies Madelyn on her true adventure to save her family & kingdom.
Since it is made specifically for an arcade environment, there is much more action – little text – to focus on. One description I came across called it a “better Ghouls ‘N Ghosts,” where there are certain game features that GNG didn’t have (the game page for this also mentions Midnight Wanderers